Our services are unique and offer solutions to all parties involved in a healthy environment Eyeglasses are generally made by an optician.
Eyes are examined by optometrists. Prescriptions,if necessary,are then given, lens-fitting exam is necessary if an individual wants contact lenses, because an eyeglass prescription can differ from a contact lens prescription
We have solutions for people who are trying to find the best solution to a health vision, measures to manage their most important pair of sight. solutions are also available for people who want a comprehensive computerized Eye examination from our professional consultants.
At Eye-Co our customer consultants have a passion for customers The Customer care provided is second to none.

Eye Examination is done by qualified senior optometrists and contact lens consultants who have experience in this field. vision Is said to be the most important sense organ and a gift of life. Though we often subject our priceless sense of sight threats of population and excessive strain as we sit glued to Television screens, computer, sunlight, bright fires, dust, we often disregard the stress our eyes could be going through many people wear eyeglasses, people whose eyes have refractive errors do not see clearly without glasses,because the light emitted from the objects they are observing does not come into focus on their retinas, For people who are farsighted, images come into focus behind the retina; for people who are nearsighted, images come into focus in front of he retina. For both,the result is a blurring of vision.. mostly,

We ignore the onset of an evolving vision problem called computer vision syndrome. This affects people who spend 2 to 3 hours or more on the computer every day. This Will result in survey consequences to the eyes which may be itching, photosensitivity or dryness.people with bad eyesight would have problems on concentration.

We have a variety of contact lenses in stock we provide both prescribed and cosmetic lenses .Contact lenses come in a variety of this they are several types of colour.

These have become a hot fashion item.

At Eye- co frames are made from metal or plastic ,and they can be rimless.there is an almost unlimited variety of shapes , colours and sizes.

Rimless frames are the least noticeable type, and they are light weight. Eliminating the weight of the rims.They tend not to be sturdy as frames with rims.

Plastic frames are durable,can accommodate just about any prescription , and are available in a wide rang of prices.They are also offered in a variety of plastics and in different colours , shapes, and levels of resistance to breakage.

Some of our dients are:·

  • Bank ofZambia
  • Care International
  • Alexander Forbes
  • Zamtel
  • Zambia Postal Services
  • Endless List ofindiviuals

At eye- co we have modern laboratory equipment for optical services.Equipment such as

  • Automatic glazing Machine
  • Auto pattern maker
  • Layout blocker
  • Tinting Unit
  • Lens Polishing Machine
  • Lens Grooving Machine

Other Services offered:
We stock Disigner & Budget Frames Lenses (Wide range)

  • Rimless & semi Rimless Frames (Wide range)
  • Designer Sun glasses & Various optical Accessories
  • Testing for Gluacoma

We have a large selection of designer sunglasses. Our designer collection caters for various sports and activities .
We cater for all ages, male & female.